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Processing & Production

Receive and Store Raw Materials from Customers or Suppliers
Receive and Process and Schedule Orders from Customers
Mix Ingredients Precisely to Customer’s Specifications
Fill Containers to Proper Levels and Apply Caps
Apply or Screen Print Labels on Product Containers
Package Finished Products and Prepare for Shipping
Hold Finished Products in Storage Awaiting Shipping
Ship Finished Goods to Customers or Directly to End Users

Advertising & Promotion

Design and Print Logos, Business Cards, and Stationery
Sign, Poster and Banner Design, Layout and Printing
Advertising Layout, Photography and Printing
Graphics for Web Sites and Television
Complete Web Site Design and Maintenance
Screen Print Labels Directly on Product Containers
Design and Print Standard or Vinyl Adhesive Labels
Complete Radio, Video and Television Studio Production

Sales & Marketing

Participate in Industry Trade Shows and Promotional Events
Participate with Customers on Special Sales Promotions
Provide Sales Planning and Management Programs
Provide Sales Performance Measuring Programs
Provide Sources for Specialty Sales Incentive Items
Assist with Product Improvement Ideas and Innovations
Work with Customers to Develop Free Publicity Campaigns

Finance & Administration

Provide Customers with Record Keeping and Bookkeeping Services
Help Customers Organize Business and Management Plans
Counsel Customers on Financing and Financial Planning
Share Current Industry Information and Trends
Help Customers Locate Sources for Financial Assistance
Maintain Raw Materials and Finished Goods Inventory Records
Provide Customers with Income Tax Counseling and Tax Preparation


Whatever You Might Need!

No matter where you want to take your business…. we’re right with you.

We are an outsourcing solution company with more than more than 30 years experience in processing and packaging. We are actively pursuing relationships with companies whose demands for goods have begun to exceed their capacities to produce.

Over the years, we’ve established working relationships with a number of outstanding affiliates in related businesses. Our associates are always welcome to share in these experiences and services, as their needs grow.

Processing & Production

Shipping & Warehousing

Research & Development

Supplies & Materials

Financial Management

Sales & Marketing

Accounting & Administration

Promotion & Advertising

Our technicians have years of experience in the proper formulation and preparation of ingredients. Our modern equipment and high volume production techniques allow us to fill orders of any size. We provide label design, printing and application and we package and ship finished goods. As shown above, we have access to sources to simplify and enhance every aspect of business.


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Dedicated Workers

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If we don’t do it ourselves, we know who does.
If we don’t have it, we know where to get it.